Therefore, Once Accidental Formatting Occurs, All Users Will Be Bothered And Want To Perform Lost Files Recovery As Soon As Possible

Since files stored in Mac computer are very important in general, once it is lost, users may suffer much unnecessary trouble in daily life and work. Therefore, in order to decrease the trouble, we must perform Mac files recovery. However, it is not easy to perform Mac files recovery because most common Mac users don’t know well about Mac files recovery knowledge. Besides, they can’t accept the high fees for Mac files recovery service provided by professional data recovering company. Maybe some users choose to use Mac data recovery software to perform lost files recovery. It is indeed a good idea, but since Mac computer uses storage method in Raid disk array aspect when storing data, most data recovery software can’t help Mac computer users to perform lost files recovery. The only software which can help users perform Mac files recovery can just perform lost files recovery for deleted Mac files. Fortunately, after constant efforts, famous software developing company MiniTool Solution Ltd. develops a piece of professional Mac data recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery to help solve various non-physical faults.

Use the Mac data recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery to perform files recovery for accidentally formatted partition
Lots of situations may cause files loss problems, and files loss caused by accidental formatting is one of the most serious problems. Therefore, once accidental formatting occurs, all users will be bothered and want to perform lost files recovery as soon as possible. Here, demo of fast performing lost files recovery for accidental formatted files is displayed.

To perform lost partition recovery for files lost due to accidental partition formatting, you need free download and install this Mac data recovery software via the official website After that, start this Mac data recovery software to see the interface below.

Choose “Damaged Partition Recovery” function module on the main interface of this Mac data recovery software.

Here, all computer partitions are listed. Choose the accidentally formatted partition, and then click “Full Scan“. After the Mac data recovery software performs full scan, next interface appears.

On this interface, choose the partition which is in the most similar state with the formatted partition, and then click “Show Files“. Wait until the Mac data recovery software finishes scanning and enter next step.

Check the files to recover on the Damaged Partition Recovery interface above, and then click “Save Files” to keep recovered file in safe location according to the prompt. You thoroughly finish the operations of recovering accidentally formatted data with the Mac data recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery.


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