Windows Server Management Is Not Clearing Up Data Information Merely, Comprehensive Management To Server Disk And Partition Included As Well

Merge partitions in Server with MiniTool Partition Wizard

The importance of Server in the network is undeniable. Server does not only store a large amount of important data information, but handles data service request submitted by Clients all the time as well, so the entire network may be paralyzed once Server failure occurs. Seen from this, Server management is essential. Windows Server management is not clearing up data information merely, comprehensive management to Server disk and partition included as well. However, Windows Server disk and partition management is annoying for many users because the built-in disk management tool in Windows Server operating systems is limited, unable to copy partitionmove partitionmerge partitions, etc, but those management operations are requisite. Then how to realize them? The Windows Server software MiniTool Partition Wizard, developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd., is desperately needed.
Before merging partitions in Server with MiniTool Partition Wizard, we should first of all visit to download and install the Windows Server software to the computer. Then launch it.

After launching it, we can see the distribution condition of all Server partitions. Select any partition and click “Merge” to merge partitions.

In this interface, select the partition that will be expanded to include adjacent partition and click “Next>“.

In this interface, select the partition that will be merged to the previously selected one and the software will automatically create a folder named “merged_partition_content” to store data of the two partitions. Click “Finish” to return to the home interface.

In this interface, we can see partition state in Disk 2 changes and Partition H: and Partition G: are merged, but this is only a preview. We need to click “Apply” to finish merging partitions in a real sense.

Those above are demonstration on merging partitions in Server with MiniTool Partition Wizard. Through the practical operations, we can see the operation of the Windows Server software is so simple. As to other functions, we won’t elaborate them upon one by one. Users can visit other pages of this website to get more information.



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