Users Who Have Ever Used Data Recovery Software May Know That The Recovered Data Can Not Be Directly Stored To The Original Partition

Using MiniTool Partition Recovery to recover lost Windows partition
In the process of using Windows, users may encounter the problem of partition loss.  Encountering of this problem, many users will feel very frustrated because those partitions always store many important data and partition loss will make those data lost, which brings computer users great troubles in daily work and lives. To prevent that inconvenience, most computer users will use data recovery software like MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover lost data from lost partition, but this operation is not easy. Users who have ever used data recovery software may know that the recovered data can not be directly stored to the original partition. When using data recovery software to recover lost data from lost Windows partition, we have to store the recovered data to other partitions and then set partition size, cluster size, partition location, etc. And finally, we have to transfer the recovered data to the original partition and data recovery operation is finished in a real sense. We can see that the operations are rather complicated. So many users are expecting a method for Windows partition recovery, which is able to recover lost partition directly. Fortunately, this wish has been realized. As software technology keeps developing, the renowned software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd., through unceasing research, has finally released the free Windows partition recovery software – MiniTool Partition Recovery which is able to recover lost partition quickly for Windows users. And users can use it to recover lost Windows partition with ease.  Before recovering lost partition, we should visit the official website to download this free partition recovery software. After installing it, launch the software and we’ll see the following interface. 


This is the introducing interface of the partition recovery software. Please click “Next>” to begin to recover lost Windows partition. 


We can see all disks in the computer. Select the one that has lost partitions and click “Next>” to go on. 


We need to select scanning range in this interface and then click “Next>” to carry on with the operation. 


We can select “Full Scan” to scan the previously selected area completely and then click “Next>“. After the selected space range is scanned, the following interface will be shown. 


We can see many partitions in this interface. Check the partitions that will be reserved and click “Finish“. After the partition recovery software finishes all operations, Windows partition recovery is finished successfully. 

Seeing this operation demonstration, users may have known how fast and convenient it is to recover lost Windows partition. When you encounter partition loss problems in Windows, just use this free partition recovery software to perform partition recovery for Windows.


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