Server Operating Systems Of Microsoft Occupy A Large Market Share In Server Area In Virtue Of Its Leading Position In Desktop Operating System

 Server operating systems of Microsoft occupy a large market share in server area in virtue of its leading position in desktop operating system. Since its earlier Windows NT, Microsoft has taken first place in Server operating system area. Strictly speaking, Windows NT was a workstation-oriented operating system. At that time, Server was at initial developing stage and Server application was not so popular. Until the release of Windows Server 2003, Server operating system of Microsoft got the highest achievement. Later, Windows Sever 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 also got high performance. And lately, Windows Server 2012 also gives users many surprises. Although many new functions have been equipped every time Server operating systems update, all Server operating systems have a weak in common that none of them can realize fine partition management. No matter in earlier Windows Server operating systems like Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 or the latest Windows Server 2012, their built-in disk management tools and command prompt tools are all of serious flaws. They only have few partition management functions but many limitations. Therefore, users are looking forward to professional partition magic server which is able to manage Server partitions well. And users can visit to download it.

Powerful partition magic server

The above is the main interface of the professional partition magic server. Users can know it is comprehensive that almost all partition management operations can be realized, for example, extending partitionsplitting partitionmerging partitions and changing cluster size. And if users want to use thispartition magic software to manage server partitions, please select the partition and then click corresponding functions to perform operations by following software prompts. After all operations are finished, partition management will be finished as well.


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