Mac Is Not Prone To Virus Infection All The Time And How Can Mac Files Be Damaged By Viruses?

What is directory file in HFS+ partition?
Directory file is a special structure in HFS+ partition of Mac. Mac users who know something about the most common HFS+ partition may know that some special structures are used to organize and manage volume files in HFS+ partition and these special structures are volume head, directory file, domain overflow file, attribute file, allocation file and boot file. Among them directory file is used to describe files in volume and hierarchical structure of directory and it stores information of all files and directories. Its B-tree structure is able to help us quickly and effectively find the target files in a large directory which has many levels. Once the directory file in HFS+ partition is damaged by viruses or other factors, important files in HFS+ partition may be lost. At this time, what we should most care about is how to perform Mac files recovery quickly and completely. 

 Mac is not prone to virus infection all the time and how can Mac files be damaged by viruses? Actually it is not true. In the past Mac was not easily infected with viruses because there are great differences between Mac operating systems and Windows operating systems. But along with the increasing number of Mac users, computer viruses aiming at Mac become more and more common. Thus, Mac files losses caused by virus are more and more. These viruses aimed at Mac are likely to damage directory file in HFS+ partition or directly attack Mac Partition Table, thus leading to Mac files losses in HFS+ partition or HFS+ partition loss. What should we do if Mac files in HFS+ partition are lost? Is there any way to recover Mac files? Actually lost Mac files caused by virus damage to directory file are easy to recover. If we have some powerful professional Mac files recovery software, we can perform Mac files recovery conveniently. And MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is recommended. 

How to perform Mac files recovery with MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
In HFS+ partition of Mac, file losses resulting from directory file damage are very common. Then how to perform Mac files recovery with MiniTool Mac Data Recovery? In fact, it is easy to recover Mac files. We just need to select the corresponding function module to perform correct operations. In order to recover lost data caused by directory file damage, we should employ “Damaged Partition Recovery” which is able to break through the restriction of directory file and directly scan and show files in Mac disk partition. However, before the operation, we should visit its official website to download the Mac files recovery software and install it to Mac. Then click the function module “Damaged Partition Recovery“. 


Since there are many professional and detailed demonstrations of the powerful function module “Damaged Partition Recovery” of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery on the official website, we will not introduce it. Encountering any problems, we can visit its official website to get solutions. When storing recovered files in the last operation, we’d better store them to a safe location to prevent files from being overwritten and lost again. 

In practical Mac use, Mac files losses are very common, so it is suggested that we should prepare a piece of professional Mac files recovery software so that we can perform Mac files recovery timely when important Mac files are lost, and MiniTool Mac Data Recovery with comprehensive functions is a pretty good choice for every Mac user.


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