To Make You Further Know About The Powerful Windows XP Magic Partition Manager, The Extend Partition Operating Demo is Given Below

  • How to timely and efficiently solve partition management when users encounter unreasonable Windows XP space distribution? In fact, it is not very easy for common Windows XP users to balance partition space distribution. This is because the Windows XP disk management tool with single function can’t perfectly meet the partition management requirements. To better manage Windows XP partition, users need the help of professional Windows XP magic partition manager.

    Windows XP magic partition manager has complete partition management functions
    As the recommended Windows XP magic partition manager has complete partition management functions, it can help users perform various common partition management operations such as create partitionformat partitiondelete partition. Besides, the Windows XP magic partition manager can manage partitions without influencing partition data, for instance, resize/move partitionextend partitionmerge partitioncopy partition, change partition file system and change cluster size. What’s more, as the Windows XP magic partition manager has very simple operations, even users know little about related professional computer knowledge can easily operate it. To make you further know about the powerful Windows XP magic partition manager, the Extend Partition operating demo is given below.

    How to fast extend partition with Windows XP magic partition manager
    Speaking of extending partition with Windows XP magic partition manager, many users firstly think of this method – a. take free unallocated space from one partition; b. change partition location to make the unallocated space next to the partition to extend ; c. extend partition with the adjacent unallocated space. Indeed, this method can extend partition, but the process is quite complicated. Users can extend partition by a simpler way – using “Extend Partition” to fast extend partition for Windows XP. Users Just follow the operating below.
    1. Start magic partition manager and choose the Windows XP partition to extend, and then choose “Extend Partition” function option.

    2. On the drop-off menu, choose the partition where you take unallocated space and then drag the sliding button to resize partition and then click “OK” to return to the main interface.

    3. Confirm the operations are wanted and then click “Apply” to realize all operations.

    Wait until all operations are completed and users also thoroughly extend Windows XP partition with magic partition manager.

    Extend Partition is just one of the powerful magic partition manager functions. If you want to know more about the partition management functions, or want to better manage partition with magic partition manager. Just download this magic partition manager via


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