This Software Is A Full-Featured Partition Recovery Software Which Can Recover System Partitions, NTFS And FAT

This software is a full-featured partition recovery software which can recover system partitions, NTFS and FAT. Recover Partition with MiniTool Partition Recovery. Besides, it can recover lost partition caused by different reasons, such as wrong format, improper operation, virus attack, etc. 

Someone may question: Is it possible to recover the deleted partition?
The answer is yes and let me explain it for you. We can see partitions intuitively thanks to operating system and the created partition is data in fact. When you are deleting partition, the data is not deleted essentially. Partition and data therein just marked on it and made it unrealized. As a matter of fact, all partition information is still on the hard disk and will exist in perpetuity unless new data cover it. We use MiniTool Partition Recovery just to search for partition information and reconstruct partition on the hard disk. Therefore, to recover deleted partition is absolutely possible. 

Having mentioned MiniTool Partition Recovery many times, someone may ask what kind of software it is. MiniTool Partition Recovery is a partition recovery software of MiniTool series developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd. MiniTool series also includes MiniTool Drive Wipe and MiniTool Drive Copy, etc. This is a free software that supports current main Widows operating system such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, windows 7 and so on. This software allows us to finish all operations under guidance which greatly improved the ease of use for this software.

With regard to its function, this software provides three modes for scanning range settings, they are “Full Disk”, namely with scanning range from the first sector to the last sector of entire hard disk (Sector-the smallest unit of hard disk storage data). One advantage of this software is it can scan all the created partitions; namely unallocated space scanned on hard disk(Note: unallocated space after partition loss, scanning this area will retrieve partition); “Specified Range”, namely the scanning range is specified. It will save plenty of time, setting scanning range according to the need.

Besides, this software also provides tow other scanning modes, one is “Quick Scan”, namely skip existed partition to scan within set scanning range; another one is “Full Scan” namely scan every sector from one by one, with an advantage of more detailed information about searched partition, a disadvantage of taking more time compared with “Quick Scan” (For searching more detailed information of partition, “Full Scan” mode is recommended). Regarding to the appearance of this software, the design is concise but not rough, giving a feeling of ease. Interface of this software is as below: 

That’s all for this software. Please go to the only official website of MiniTool Partition Recovery if need and download at


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