To Recover Deleted Photos, We Can Modify Registry or Directly Modify File Allocation Rable

 Digital camera has abandoned traditional film and employed memory card as main storage medium. Memory card is not only light and portable, but also can be repeatedly used, reducing photography cost. So memory card is very popular among digital camera users. However, it also brings us new problem. When we are using digital camera, we usually delete photos for more usage space. At this time, accidental deletion will lead to important photo loss. In the computer we can find deleted photos in recycle bin but in digital camera it is impossible. Even in the computer, if we have emptied the recycle bin or used Shift + Delete order to delete photos directly, we can’t easily find lost photos by normal method. 

To recover deleted photos, we can modify registry or directly modify file allocation table. But this solution is very hard for common users. Therefore, the best solution of recovering deleted photos is to use deleted picture recovery software to undelete pictures. In the choice of deleted picture recovery software, I suggest you to choose MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Through repeatedly test, we find that MiniTool Power Data Recovery is better than other software no matter its photo recovery speed or success rate. If we encounter the situation that system crashes, reinstalling operating system is a solution but it will cause data overwriting. At this time, MiniTool Power Data Recovery provides users with MiniTool Power Data Recovery Boot Disk that allows us to recover lost photos from inaccessible system. 

Reasons of choosing MiniTool Power Data Recovery
The following are reasons why we need MiniTool Power Data Recovery to realize deleted picture recovery: 

1. Powerful photo recovery functions. Besides undelete recovery, MiniTool Power Data Recovery also has functions like recovering lost photos from formatted partition, damaged partition caused by virus, damaged partition caused by logical error, and lost partition. 
2. Great compatibility. MiniTool Power Data Recovery supports almost every kind of Windows operating system. 
3. MiniTool Power Data Recovery supports various file systems including common FAT12/16/32NTFS and HFS+.
4. MiniTool Power Data Recovery supports multitudinous storage devices such as hard drive, memory card, SSD, and U disk. 
5. What’s more important, MiniTool Power Data Recovery Boot Disk helps users to recover lost photosfrom crashed system. 


This screenshot is main interface of MiniTool Power Data Recovery Boot Disk. We can see the four independent functional modules of it. With the help of MiniTool Power Data Recovery Boot Disk, we can easily recover lost photos from crashed system. 
If you are in trouble of photo loss and seeking for a suitable photo recovery software, try MiniTool Power Data Recovery now. It can be the best choice for you. MiniTool Power Data Recovery Boot Disk perfectly supports photo recovery in the inaccessible system. For more information about MiniTool Power Data Recovery, visit


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