Windows Disk Management Tool Only Has Few Functions While Professional Windows Partition Magic Can Meet Users’ Demands for Functions, Security and Operability.

In the face of practical partition management problems, some little things may bring about great troubles. If users want to forestall those problems related to partition management, professionalpartition magic software is necessary and relying on Windows disk management tool is unwise, because Windows disk management tool only has few functions while professional Windows partition magic can meet users’ demands for functions, security and operability.

Case: When I bought this computer, I partitioned the hard disk. But now partition space allocation is not reasonable. I desperately need to extend a partition. I have compared much partition magic software, only to find it demands unallocated space to extend partitions, but there is no allocated space on my hard disk, so I have to shrink other partitions to get it. There are so many details. But I don’t’ have partition management experience, fearing of operation failure. Is there an easier way?
Solution: Users can download the professional partition magic from Its “Extend Partition” function can help. Common partition magic is restricted by many aspects: 1. there must be unallocated space on the hard disk; 2. the unallocated space must be adjacent to the target partition that will be extended (if they are not adjacent, users have to move partition first to create the condition). But the recommended partition magic is not limited by those items. Users can use it to extend partitions easily.

How to extend partition with the free partition magic?
Aimed at users’ question, operation demonstration is provided. Take extending Partition I: for example.
Launch the professional free partition magic. Then select Partition I: and click “Extend Partition” function.

Select the partition where the free space will be taken to extend Partition I:. Here, we select Partition E:.

Usually, half of the free space of Partition E: will be used to extend Partition I: by default. Users can also drag the button below to resize partitions. Then click “OK“. Through the comparison between partition sizes via the above and following pictures, users can see the operations are very simple.

In the main interface, users can see Partition I: is extended and Partition E: is shrunk accordingly. But this is only a preview. Please click “Apply” to execute the operation shown under “Operations Pending” column.

Are you also captured by “Extend Partition” function of the free partition magic? According to the evaluation from experts, this free partition magic is undeniably the best assistant for ordinary users to manage partitions. Please visit the homepage to get more information.


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