Compared With Windows Server 2003 Users, Windows Server 2008 Users can Select And Install Minimum Environment to Avoid Extra Consumption

Compared with Windows Server 2003 users, Windows Server 2008 users can select and install minimum environment to avoid extra consumption. Though this option restricts performable roles of server, it can enhance security and reduce work. Core server installation is the minimum installation for running AD DS, AD LDS, DHCP server, DNS server, file service, print server, and streaming media server service. If users perform core server installation, there are many advantages:

  • Reduce maintenance.
  • Reduce attacks.
  • Reduce management.
  • Save disk space.

These are advantages of performing core server installation. But disappointingly, though Windows Server 2008 owns quite powerful technology of core server installation, many Server 2008 users will be troubled by server partition management with the increase of service time. As we know, Server 2008 built-in disk management tool has functional defects and can not help accomplish server partition management well. If users want to manage partition of Server 2008 by using excellent partition magic server, operations will be troublesome since most partition magic server has serious defects in function. Partition magic server which has defects may result in server partition management failure or even bring damage to partition, leading to partition damage or partition loss. Therefore, users are suggested visiting professional downloading website to download professional partition magic for Windows Server 2008.

Perform server partition management by using professional partition magic for Windows Server 2008
If users want to manage partition of Server 2008 by using professional partition magic server, they shoulddownload and install the partition magic for Windows Server 2008 at first. After that, launch the software to get its main interface like the left interface shows. In the main interface, to perform server partition management, users need to select the partition which needs managing and choose the most suitable function according to practical situations, and then perform operations according to detailed prompts. When all operations are applied to server, partition magic for Windows Server 2008 helps complete server partition management easily and successfully.


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