Since Multitudinous Important Data are Always Stored on Hard Disk, More And More Users are Concerned About How to Perform Hard Disk Recovery After Data Loss Problems Take Place

 As the main storage device of a computer, hard disk (shown in the left picture) is not unfamiliar to all users. In the process of using computers, we often run into various kinds of problems and the most serious ones, in many users’ minds, are data loss problems. Since multitudinous important data are always stored on hard disk, more and more users are concerned about how to perform hard disk recovery after data loss problems take place. Currently, data loss problems are attributed to two aspects: physical hardware damage and soft faults. Encountering the former, we have to resort to professionals and pay for it. In daily lives or work, we should try our best to prevent this kind of problem. When coming across the latter, we can fix the problems easily. There is software for hard disk recovery which can help us. However, there is too much hard disk recovery software in the software market, so it is not easy to find the suitable. In order to eschew damage caused by inferior software, we suggest the free hard disk recovery software downloaded from, which is developed by a famous Canadian software development company. 

The professional software for hard disk recovery
After downloading and installing the free hard disk recovery software (please don’t install it to the partition where data were lost), launch it and we’ll see its starting interface, as follows.


From the above screenshot we can see the comprehensive functions of this hard disk recovery software. “Undelete Recovery” can recover deleted data easily; “Damaged Partition Recovery” recovers data from formatted partition and logically damaged partition; “Lost Partition Recovery” is able to recover data from deleted or lost partition; “Digital Media Recovery” is capable of recovering lost photos, videos and other digital media files; “CD/DVD Recovery” helps us recover lost data from CD/DVD. We just need to employ suitable modules in the light of practical situations and then accomplish hard disk recovery by following software prompts. For example, if we want to recover deleted data, we should use “Undelete Recovery” module. Detailed procedures are following. 
1. Click “Undelete Recovery” module and we’ll see the following interface.


2. Please select the partition where the deleted data were and then click “Recover“. We’ll see the following interface.


3. All deleted data (marked with red crosses) are shown. Please find and check the ones to be recovered and then click “Save Files” to store them to a safe location instead of the original partition, finishing hard disk recovery
Detailed operation information of the other four modules is also provided on this website. Please visit other pages to learn more.


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