To Protect Important Data in Windows Server 2008 Server Computer, Lots of Windows Server 2008 Users Will Back Up And Recover Data With The System Built-in Windows Server Backup Function.

In general, users can back up data in Windows Server 2008 by two modules:
1. Manually backup. Manually backup indicates that users can backup needed data with Windows Server Backup function. 
2. Automatically backup. Automatically backup means that system automatically backups data in specified dates through Windows Server Backup function. 

Two modules of Windows Server Backup are given above. Users can make choice according to real needs. Although the Windows Server Backup function can help users protect data in Windows Server 2008, along with the increase of Windows Server 2008 data, lot s of Windows Server users encounter partition space lack. Facing this problem, if unallocated space exists in Windows Server 2008 Server computer hard drive and it is behind the partition lacking of partition space, users can resize Windows 2008 partition with system built-in disk management tool. But if there is no unallocated space or the existing unallocated space is not behind the partition lacking of space, users can only resize Windows 2008 partition with Server partition resizer, but not built-in disk management tool. Speaking of Server partition resizer, it is advisable to download the professional Server partition resizer via the professional download center of Server partition resizer With the professional Server partition resizer, users can easily complete Server Partition Resize. 

Resize Windows 2008 partition with professional Server partition resizer 
To resize Windows 2008 partition and solve partition space lack, users should firstly download this Server partition resizer and install it. After that, start this Server partition resizer to see the interface below. 


This is the main interface of this professional Server partition resizer. After entering this interface, to resize Windows 2008 partition, users should firstly choose the partition to resizer and then click “Extend Partition“. As long as users follow the detailed prompts given by the Server partition resizer, users can thoroughly resize Windows Server 2008 by following with this professional Server partition resizer after it completes all operations. 


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