MiniTool Mac Data Recovery Also Provides Users With Special Digital Media Recovery Functional Module That Promotes Photo Recovery Efficiency a Lot

MAC is the personal computer developed by Apple. It is famous for its brief and elegant design and the easy-to-use operating interfaces, bringing user with marvelous operating experience. As a result of the powerful image processing performance of MAC and the multitudinous choices of image processing software, MAC has become the favorite choice for photo studio. With Apple products become more and more popular, MAC is also getting popular, too. In the fourth season in 2011, MAC has sold nearly 5 million, becoming the non-neglected power in computer industry.
Nevertheless, with the growing market share of MAC, MAC suffers more and more from various virus and hacker attack. And MAC is mostly used for image processing so photo loss is very likely to happen in MAC. MAC photo recovery is the biggest trouble for MAC users. Therefore, many businessmen have taken this opportunity to make profit – MAC photo recovery service, which is very expensive. However, the release of data recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery has changed this situation. With MiniTool Mac Data Recovery, we can easily recover lost photo in MAC. In addition, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery Home Edition is free for family users so that it has become the first choice of MAC photo recovery software.

Indispensable MAC data recovery software – MiniTool Mac Data Recovery 
The following elements are required when we recover lost photo in MAC:
1. Compatibility with MAC file system: Different from Windows, MAC employs mostly HFS+ so a MAC photo recovery software with compatibility with HFS+ is the real excellent MAC data recovery software.
2. Supporting for MAC digital media recovery: MAC is often used for image processing and graph drawing. And these files are usually digital media files. Supporting for photo recovery is a rather necessary feature for MAC data recovery software.

3. Compatibility with MAC operating system: This is very important. Without compatibility with MAC OS, we can never be able to recover lost photo in MAC. It is almost impossible that we take out MAC hard drive and then install it to Windows and then perform photo recovery.
Undoubtedly, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery definitely has such features. MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is special for MAC, supporting MAC OS perfectly as well as HFS+ file system in MAC. MiniTool Mac Data Recovery also provides users with special digital media recovery functional module that promotes photo recovery efficiency a lot. MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is the best choice for MAC users.

Powerful photo recovery function of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
Developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd., MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is a professional MAC data recovery software supporting HFS+ file system. What’s more, “Digital Media recovery” functional module of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery facilitates photo recovery a lot when necessary.
Let me introduce this magical MAC data recovery to you briefly. Firstly, launch it:

To recover lost photo, select “Digital Media Recovery” functional module to start digital media recovery:

In this interface, we need to select the target volume in the list and then click on “Full Scan” button to scan the whole disk:

After scanning, we will enter this recovery interface. Find out target files to be recovered, and check them. Click on “Save Files” button to save recovered files to a safe location according to prompts.
How easy it can be to use MiniTool Mac Data Recovery to recover lost photo in MAC. If you are finding one suitable MAC data recovery software, try MiniTool Mac Data Recovery now! Visit for free download.


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