Windows 8 is Equipped With So Many Advantages Which Bring Users So Much Convenience, But It Also Has Certain Flaws

  • Since its birth, Windows 8 has always been considered as the most revolutionary product in the history of Windows operating system. It has many prominent features.
    1. Windows 8 is an operating system integrating desktop and mobile experience. It integrates Microsoft’s SkyDrive service, facilitating sharing information. Windows 8 also integrates Microsoft apps. Users can use Microsoft account to login in Windows 8, Windows Phone, new edition of Office, Hotmail, SkyDrive, Skype, Messenger and so on.
    2. Another advantage of Windows 8 finds expression in Windows store. This mode provides Windows 8 users with a convenient access to safe apps.
    3. Multi-task processing is a basic function of desktop operating system, improving users’ efficiency. Windows 8 is even more advanced. It brings experience to tablet and supports sub-screen display.
    4. Global search function of Windows 8 is able to search for local content as well as apps in Windows store and information shared on the internet.

    Windows 8 is equipped with so many advantages which bring users so much convenience, but it also has certain flaws. And the most obvious one lies in extending partition. Some users may have perplexity because they think its built-in disk management tool is able to extend partition. Actually, it is. But the function of “Extend Volume” is limited. If there is no unallocated space next to the target partition, extending partition can not be realized. Therefore, if users want to extend partition on Windows 8 freely, professional partition magic is needed. And users could visit to download it and then use it to extend partition on Windows 8.

    Free partition magic for extending partition on Windows 8
    The left picture shows the main interface of the free partition magic. If users want to extend partition, please select the partition first and then click “Extend Partition” function. Then please follow software prompts to extend partition. After all operations are finished, extending partition on Windows 8 will be accomplished with the free partition magic.


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